A dress is the thing that a jacket and a skirt become the continuity. I call it a one-piece dress formally.

I am continuing being worn now while changing a design including the length of the skirt length while the dress having long history as clothes of the woman, and adopting the fashion in the time. Two-piece and the underwear look came to be recognized as clothes of the woman after the 20th century began, but a dress strongly still remains in the full dress of the woman and the done tendency.

In no sleeve, it is the tight silhouette along the waistline. zip opens at the back.


Material: cotton 100%
Size: one (length 103.4cm/chest 43.6cm/shoulder width 33.9cm)

Minimum quantity: 50-(1/)








— About the making of the 3D item —

A change of the material and cloth, the change of the color of the thread, an attached change, size adjustment are possible.

I suggest it along various requests immediately on 3D because a change is possible.

The product image is the basic pattern, cloth, design which we suggest.

If change simple specifications (addition of a breast pocket and the flap, right and left change of the fastening in front, change of the length); by a case

I can cope immediately. (※as I may not do it depending on  pattern, please consult each time.)

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