From the polo that “the polo” that is the origin of the name of the polo shirt is a British tradition competition.

It is a cotton shirt of long sleeves that I was worn as tennis wear at the time of 1920.

However, I was short as a wear to play sports to move, and to be sweaty on a functionality, utility side. Therefore I paid attention to the shirt of the jersey material which a polo player wore, and I improved it, and a neckband was added to short sleeves for tennis.

Therefore it is said that it was from a tennis wear in the origin of the polo shirt.

The fawn material with short sleeves, the button of utility clothes is mainstream now.


Material: cotton 100%
Size: one (length cm/chest cm/shoulder width cm/sleeve cm)

Minimum quantity: 50-(1/¥7800)








— About the making of the 3D item —

A change of the material and cloth, the change of the color of the thread, an attached change, size adjustment are possible.

I suggest it along various requests immediately on 3D because a change is possible.

The product image is the basic pattern, cloth, design which we suggest.

If change simple specifications (addition of a breast pocket and the flap, right and left change of the fastening in front, change of the length); by a case

I can cope immediately. (※as I may not do it depending on  pattern, please consult each time.)

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