High workwear of the functionality that the cover oar penetrated as “work clothes” of many workers (worker) such as a farmer and a railroad worker, the miner widely.

For the United States where denim and the hard cloth including the duck place were used for mainly, a moleskin and cotton twill, the material which is strong softly such as the herringbone are used mainly in Europe.

Along with an overall, I have been supported for many years as the mainstream of the workwear.

It was taken in in the fashion of the street scene in the present age and became the item that firstly skater and BBOY were loved widely.

Material: polyeater 63% cotton 34% polyurethane 3%
Size: one (length 75.2cm/chest 62cm/shoulder width 53.4cm/sleeve 46.7cm)

Minimum quantity: 50-(1/¥7800)








— About the making of the 3D item —

A change of the material and cloth, the change of the color of the thread, an attached change, size adjustment are possible.

I suggest it along various requests immediately on 3D because a change is possible.

The product image is the basic pattern, cloth, design which we suggest.

If change simple specifications (addition of a breast pocket and the flap, right and left change of the fastening in front, change of the length); by a case

I can cope immediately. (※as I may not do it depending on  pattern, please consult each time.)

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